Monday, November 5, 2012


We'll have a project for you later this week, but for now, here is some small redecorating that we've done using vintage finds.

At an estate sale I bought a big box of fabric for a dollar. This crochet doily was in that box and fit perfectly on my dresser. I also found the glass floral decanter (on the left) and I plan to use it to store my bracelets - similar to using a wine bottle.

On our room divider/record holder from idea we have a lamp. To decorate the space we added a crochet doily and old coffee cans that we use to keep change.

Lastly, we moved the vintage slides lamp to the suitcase table and have been using one of the lace bowl for coasters. It would be cute for a remote control, but we have no TV.

Hope you enjoyed these bits of our home! I can't wait until we have more space to decorate. Someday....sigh. 

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