Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

As you know, Chris & I have three roommates. They live upstairs and we have the downstairs to ourselves. We set up our seating area and then Chris got his music area and I have a craft table. We've covered most of the walls with his collection of posters, but I wanted to do something more me in my craft corner of the room.

I have a huge box of vintage fabric that I love and have been wanting to use or display, so I decided that it would be perfect for the wall above my craft table, and what better frame than an embroidery hoop!

You will need: Fabric, an embroidery hoop ($1.20-ish at most craft stores), scissors and a glue gun

Lay out the fabric, face down, and put your embroidery hoop on top. If it's wrinkled, you may want to iron it first.

Cut a circle that is about an inch larger than the hoop.

Then, flip the hoop over so the fabric is right-side up and covering the inside hoop. Then push the outside part of the hoop over top. Tighten it until you the fabric is taut.

Once you are done with that, flip it back over and get your glue gun heated up. On the inside of the hoop, place a line of glue, about an inch at a time so it doesn't dry, then fold the fabric over the edge.


Then repeat!

I made four, but may add more to my corner. I also plan to frame some pages from a 1950's fashion magazine we found recently and I will continue dreaming of the day that I have my very own craft room. What have you done to personalize your space?

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