Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iPad photo booth.

Hi friends. It's been busy around these parts...hmm, did I say the same thing in the last post? Well, it has and it seems like we haven't had a free weekend in weeks! Ah, yes, the joy of the holiday season.

Chris and I helped out at a party for the company I work for over the weekend. I came up with the idea to make our own photo booth using an iPad to save some money and make some memories. With the party season coming up, I wanted to share how I did it in case you were interested in trying it out!

For the backdrop: A white wall, ribbon, sparkly decorations (we used pom poms that are often used in floral arrangements).

Use painters tape attach ribbon and other strands of sparkly decorations about 7 feet from the floor.  The backdrop should be about 4 feet wide. Our iPad was propped up on a standard table only a couple feet from the wall. 

For your set up you'll also need some good lighting, so either rig a lamp you have or get some cheap desk lamps with an adjustable arm. 

For the app, I researched and tested quite a few options. Pocketbooth turned out to be the best, and it did not disappoint! Especially for only $0.99. Also, you can use an iPad or iPhone, although the iPad has a bigger screen which is nice. The app snaps four photos and displays them in a vintage style photo strip that you can save to your photos or share on any social network.

We propped the iPad up with the screen facing the backdrop using display stands - an easy alternative would be books! You'll want the camera to be forward facing because the fun of a photo booth is being able to see yourself pose.

To make your photo booth even more exciting, use props! We ordered some from Etsy, but you can easily make your own using a stick and paper. Cut our glasses, hats, mustaches, bow ties, ect. If you want to try this out for a holiday party, you could make Santa hats and mistletoe to be extra festive.

Our little DIY photo booth was a huge hit and very inexpensive! Let us know if you try it out at one of your holiday parties.


  1. What a great idea! I know photobooth rentals can be crazy expensive. Great thinking guys.

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