Sunday, October 7, 2012

Industrial Clothing Rack

Or, a mobile closet.

I have been living for the past few months with no closet, so all of my dresses, skirts & jackets have been crammed into a drawer. Having to iron things before putting them on has not been pleasant, so I pushed for this project to jump ahead in our queue of projects, luckily Chris agreed. 

I was inspired by this closet solution, so today we worked on making a simpler version.

This project cost us about $100 and took an hour or so to make.

You need: a piece of wood, galvanized pipes (two longer 5' pieces for the side and one shorter 3' piece for the top), the connecting corners for the pipes and the bases - all of these things are from Lowes (or major hardware store. You will also need wheels or some sort of feet for the closet, bolted screws and a drill.

First, cut your piece of wood to size and sand the edges.

Then we chose to stain our piece of wood. It would be awesome to use an old piece of distressed wood though, which you wouldn't need to stain. 

To prepare the pipes, use steel wool to get off any marks and polish the metal.

Chris used his drill to attach a wheel to each corner of the piece of wood. 

 After that, he flipped it over and placed the bases for the pipe. He used the top bar as a guideline for how far apart each base should be.

Once they were in the right spots he marked them, then drilled a hole where each bolt would need to go.

Ok, we're getting closer to a closet and moved the parts inside.

Connect the top bar to the sides using the elbow connectors.

And attach the sides to the bases. You'll need to hold the bolt with pliers and use the drill to screw the bolt in.

Now you have yourself a mobile closet! I, of course, rushed to try it out.

The nice thing about this too, is you have a great place to store your shoes.

And you may remember, this matches our curtain rod, so it fits in with the room decor nicely.

I just love how this turned out and am so happy to finally have a closet! It's the little things, right? How was your weekend? Work on any projects?


  1. this is awesome! Nice touch with the coat hangers too -- I always have a rag-tag mis-matched collection :)

  2. Neat idea for a traveling closet. Love the super industrial look to it. Wait a minute, irons are for CLOTHES, not crafting!?!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  3. I'm so glad that I'm following you! This is awesome, I love the industrial look and it's a project I can actually do:) Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Wow, this is just gorgeous! How cute. Have you thought about making these and selling them to boutiques? I’d love for you to link up on my blog hop!

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  6. I want my boyfriend to make me rolling clothing racklike this! That would be so perfect for my room! I just moved out and don't have that much closet space so this would be ideal.

  7. this is wonderful! is it possible to disassemble this rack when moving?

  8. Or, a mobile closet. I have been living for the past few months with no closet, so all of my dresses, skirts & jackets have been crammed into a ...

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