Sunday, September 23, 2012

Key Holder Using Old Keys

Chris & I had a busy weekend of DIYing and estate sale browsing. We take on so many projects that it seems like a normal day for us is two for most people. Anyway, we got a lot done. Here is a quick project, but later this week we'll be posting part one of a bigger project.

Do you often lose your keys? I definitely do. Well, not lose, but misplace. And Chris tends to leave his keys just about anywhere. So, thanks to Pinterest, we were inspired to make a key holder - with old keys!

You need: old keys (you can get some here), a piece of wood (distressed, if possible), screws, pliers and a drill

First, if your piece of wood is too long, cut it to the size you'd like. We made ours about 8 inches and used 4 keys.

Using 2 plies, bend the bottom of the key upwards to create a curved hook.

Once you've done this with all four (or however many you choose to use) keys, attach them to the wood.

And you're finished with the front!

To hang your key holder without using string or visible hooks, use a drill to create holes in the back of the piece of wood.

Then you'll be able to put nails in the wall and simply hang this on them.

And there you have it! A pretty cool looking place to hang your keys, or anything that you need in a handy place. I love the rustic look of this so much! It is indeed possible to combine style with function.


  1. Now, this is a clever idea! You seem to be on a metal bending kick lately. First forks, now keys :)

  2. Oh this is a cool idea, love how it came out!

  3. Very awesome!!!!! It looks fabulous!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

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  5. It's a cool, rustic idea, but I see splinters that could hurt as hands hastily grab keys from or plop keys onto this rack. I suggest sanding and possibly shelacking the wood for a long, splinters-free key hanging experience!