Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tree Branch Votive Holders

I've always been really into home decor that's inspired by nature. Bringing the outdoors in, you know? Since moving to a city like Denver that is surrounded by mountains, I'm even more in love with things inspired by nature. It really fits Chris' style as well. 

There have been tree branch candle holders all over Pinterest and we had an excess of fallen tree branches in our backyard, so of course we need to make some. With the right tools (and skills) it was easy. 

First, you need a branch. Choose one that is pretty thick, this one was about three inches in diameter. 

Once you've selected your branch, use a saw to cut three pieces, each a bit higher than the other. We cut these three sizes - 1.5", 2.25" and 3"  

Sand the top of each piece so that it's smooth. 

Then using a drill press with an inch and a half in diameter bit, we drilled the hole in the top. Chris used a clamp to hold the base of the branch in place while he created the hole. 

The last step is to get small tea light candles, you can get a big pack of these for less than $3 at Target. 

And there you have it! Tree branch candle holders from our own backyard, with a little bit of labor of course. 


  1. This is so great! Love what you did! Ohmygoodness, your blog is going to have me hooked because I'm just about to move into a new home with my bf and am excited about future diy projects :)

  2. Very cute also have seen them with a deeper hole and plants in them

  3. What a great idea for candle holders. I have a friend who's daughter is getting married soon and she was looking for a unique idea for candle holders. I will have to show her these and see what she has to say about them. I think that she will like them because they go perfectly with the theme of her wedding and would go great with all the decorations they already have. I just had the thought, would these holders catch on fire since they are wood?