Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

In my opinion, we were desperate for a curtain. Who likes waking up extra early because of a sunbeam hitting you in the face? No one. Unless you love mornings, I certainly do not (Chris finds this amusing and is quite chipper). When I moved out here I brought a single panel curtain I got at Urban Outfitters (similar to this) during my college years. It worked for a while because in a Philly row home, the windows are always tall and long, here however, the windows are short and wide.

So, the first part of this project was making the curtain work. I just folded it in half long ways and cut it in half to create two short curtains. Then I hemmed the bottom, which wasn't too much for my beginner sewing skills.

Something I never thought about before is how expensive curtain rods are. Seriously, unless you get a cheap plastic one, they are at least $30.

In the midst of my curtain rod search I came across these from West Elm on Pinterest. Chris definitely has a clean, industrial inspired style. I really like it when paired with natural wood. I'm not sure how it will all work with the vintage furniture I love, but for now, it works. Anyway, I knew he would like these, unfortunately they are over $60, which I cannot justify spending on a curtain rod. When I showed Chris the picture, he said, "I can make that." Words I love to hear!

The project was so easy, I probably could have even done it without Chris' help. All you need to do is head to a home improvement store and pick up the seven pieces shown below.

They happened to have a piece of pipe that was the perfect size for our window, but if they don't you might need to get it resized and threaded (most major home improvement stores offer this service for free).

Put together one corner, then add your curtain before adding the other. Then have someone help you hold the curtain rod in place and use a drill to attach it to the wall.


Easy, right? And less than $30. I love the look of this, so we are planning more projects that use piping! 


  1. we have a towel rod that has taken to randomly falling off the wall lately... looks like we've found its awesome new replacement. thank you!

  2. I JUST looked at those west elm rods, realized it would be $300 total for our family room and said no thank you. But now I'm obsessed with finding them or finding a way to make them! What section of the home improvement store did you find all of the supplies? I was in home depot this weekend and couldn't find them. (Yours look great btw)!

  3. So, the first part of this project was making the curtain work. I just folded it in half long ways and cut it in half to create two short curtains. Then I ... longcurtainrods.blogspot.com

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