Monday, October 22, 2012

Lace Doily Bowls

Friends, we've been busy. That's no excuse for letting the bigger projects fall to the bottom of our list (ahem, reupholstering the chair), but it's true. Chris with his multiple jobs and an upcoming art show, me with my shop, but I've been able to find time for smaller projects while Chris is working evenings.

This one is quick and easy, I've been wanting to try it for a while.

You will need: A crochet doily, fabric stiffener (or equal parts glue and water) and plastic wrap

You can find doilies at most fabric stores, or you can stop by an antique store. I used to see them at thrift stores all of the time before I decided I wanted to do make these bowls, then of course I stopped seeing them Funny how that happens. You best bet is to search for vintage ones though, because they are less expensive.

First you will need to find the right size bowl to mold your doily around, then cover it in plastic wrap.

Next you'll want to put your doily in a plastic bag and pour fabric stiffener in - enough to soak the doily.

Once it's been soaked in the fabric stiffener, place it on top of the bowl. Smooth out any wrinkles and let it sit overnight.

See how easy that was?

These bowls are a bit more decorative than useful, but I'm excited to pretty up some of my craft supply storage. I think these would be perfect for a table display - fill them with seasonal items such as pine cones. They would also be great as a fruit bowl. 

 What would you use lace bowls like this for? Have you been working on any small projects? Do share!

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  1. Those are really pretty! I wonder if the fabric stiffener would wash out later, if they get crushed (likely to happen at my house) or you decide to do something else with them....